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Original Guitar Fingers and Gloves are flexible breathable form fitted finger protection that cushions the tips of your fingers while you play guitar.

For beginners or casual guitar players, learning to play guitar is easier and more pleasurable without the pain experienced when not using finger protection.



Improve Performance and Technique

While You Protect Your Fingers

Beginners or Casual Guitar Players
-Learning to play guitar is easier
& more pleasurable without the pain
experienced when not using finger

- Its no longer necessary for calluses
to form to enjoy guitar playing.

-Playing chords and individual notes are
easier because you can apply greater pressure
on the guitar strings to give you clear tones
without the discomfort.

-You will be able to slide your fingers smoothly
on the strings.

-Start performing more advanced techniques sooner
such as bends and pull offs with far less discomfort.

-Make the eventual transition from tender fingers to
calluses without the level of sore finger pain associated
with unprotected fingers on steel guitar strings.
With regular practice over time finger tips will still toughen up.

Experienced Guitar Players

-Take your guitar playing to a higher level with
enhanced capabilities for performing aggressive slides,
bends and pull offs.

-Longer practice sessions without the soreness or
discomfort associated with repetitive bending and
pull offs on steel strings.

-Return to guitar playing aggressively after a leave
of absence has reduced your calluses.